A Message from our Principal


St Joseph's is a school where parents are valued as the first educators of their children.  We strive to work together to support the students at school so they can develop their full potential.  We do this by working in partnership with the parent body and wider community. 

We value highly a learning environment that promotes attitudes of respect and courtesy to each other and a sense of responsibility to oneself, others and community. A willingness by students towards self discipline and high expectations by administration with regards to good behaviour protects the rights and responsibilities of fellow students and creates a favourable learning environment where quality learning and teaching can take place.

As a Catholic school, we strive to develop the many aspects of the students within our care.  Not only do we provide quality teaching and learning, but we also strive to develop the social, emotional and spiritual dimensions of our students.  This is why the words, ‘love, faith, knowledge’ form our school motto. We strive, each day to model Jesus to others through our actions.  

Families who enrol their children at St Joseph's are expected to uphold the values of the school. St Joseph's has a special charism, based on the Mercy tradition.  Our families are called to participate actively in maintaining the special character of the school’s faith and cultural identity.

By sending your child to this Catholic school you openly, and at some personal cost, affirm your belief in Catholic Education.  What we endeavour to offer at St Joseph’s is far more than just a quality academic education or ‘another education’. Our commitment is to bring together faith and learning in ways that are real and meaningful to our own lives and which ultimately reflect gospel values.

Rita Petersen


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