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Welcome to St Joseph's
Parish School, Atherton

St Joseph’s Parish School, catering for boys and girls from Prep to Year 6, is an integral part of the Cairns Diocese and the Atherton Catholic Parish. Located approximately one hour’s drive from Cairns, Atherton sits within the heart of the naturally beautiful and agriculturally rich Atherton Tablelands. Despite its many changes over the years, St Joseph’s Parish School has remained committed to providing its students with a well-balanced and relevant education and curriculum.

This website is designed to provide a practical and informative view of our school but by no means replaces personal contact. Please browse at your leisure but also feel free to contact us at any time.

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Latest News & Events

The feast day of St Mary MacKillop will be celebrated this Saturday the 8th August.

Mary was an ordinary Australian like each of us but did extraordinary things for God.

Mary MacKillop was canonised as our First Australian Saint in October 2010.  This year is particularly special because it is the 10 year anniversary of her canonisation.

The Cross was always a special sign to Mary Her life was not easy. Like Jesus she suffered but always trusted in God.  Mary believed God would provide everything she needed to do her work in helping the poor. Mary MacKillop helped homeless people, hungry people and taught children about God's love. She was kind and loving to every person she met as if she was meeting Jesus himself.   Mary MacKillop used to say, "Never see a need without trying to do something about it."

Mary saw a great need to tell children about God’s love for them and so began teaching in a small stable in Penola, South Australia. Soon she gathered other women around her who also wanted to teach children about God and Jesus – together they became the Sisters of St Joseph. 

The Year 5 students will join the Parish Mass on Friday and celebrate the feast of St Mary MacKillop with a few songs and prayers at that mass.  

On Wednesday 22nd July the Prep students celebrated their 100th day of school.  We had a fun day where the students experienced the number 100 through a variety of activities. To help us celebrate our wonderful milestone our Year 5 buddies joined us for a lovely afternoon of activities and treats.

Congratulations Preppies on your 100 days of learning!


This term, we commence the process of planning for class allocations and school staffing for 2021.  This process is highly driven by student numbers and it is important that we have a clear indication of our needs for next year.  If you have a student for Prep next year and have not completed an enrolment application, could you please attend to this as a matter of urgency to avoid being waitlisted.  Similarly, if you are aware of new families considering enrolment at St Joseph's next year for Prep or any other year level, could you please encourage them to make enrolment enquiries as soon as possible.



2020 Term dates Weeks
Term 1 28 Jan – 3 Apr 10
Term 2 20 Apr – 26 Jun 10
Term 3 13 Jul – 18 Sept 10
Term 4 6 Oct – 4 Dec 9
Student Free Day      Friday 4th September
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