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20th November
Year 1 Liturgy 9.30am

22nd November

Year 3 Liturgy 2.15pm

26th November

Year 2 Liturgy 2.15pm

27th November

End of Year Breakup &
Christmas Concert

2nd December

Year 6 Farewell Mass 6pm

3rd December

Prep Christmas Liturgy 9.15am

6th December

Final Whole School Mass 9.30am

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Welcome to St Joseph's Parish School, Atherton

St Joseph’s Parish School, catering for boys and girls from Prep to Year 6, is an integral part of the Cairns Diocese and the Atherton Catholic Parish. Located approximately one hour’s drive from Cairns, Atherton sits within the heart of the naturally beautiful and agriculturally rich Atherton Tablelands. Despite its many changes over the years, St Joseph’s Parish School has remained committed to providing its students with a well-balanced and relevant education and curriculum.

This website is designed to provide a practical and informative view of our school but by no means replaces personal contact. Please browse at your leisure but also feel free to contact us at any time.

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Latest News & Events

Our Year 5 students have been following up their recent Leadership Camp experience with nominations for student leadership roles next year.  Congratulations to the candidates who are preparing to present their speeches to the school next Tuesday morning at 9:00am.  Following presentation of their speeches, the candidates will also be interviewed by Mrs MacCallum and myself as part of the selection process.  Following voting and consideration of points allocated for their speeches and interviews, school captains and vice captains for 2020 will be advised.  Students will then nominate and vote for house leaders in their house groups, the following week.  We have an excellent pool of candidates to fill these important leadership roles within our school and I wish all the students well in their efforts.  As the new year commences, we will have nominations for other leadership opportunities in our school, not least of which is our Mini Vinnies executive committee.

I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful support of our fundraising for Catholic Mission during the month of October, especially our Year 5 students who particularly took up the challenge this year. The Year 5 students raised a total of $648. Year 5F won the prize for raising the most money and Year 5A won the penalty shoot out.  Special mention must go to Mercedes Fontaine who raised $151 followed closely by Teresa Nicholls with $123.  A fantastic effort!!

It was great to see the students having fun kicking the sockballs they had made in class. Thanks also to some Year 6 students who made some valuable donations totalling $159.00. I look forward to sending our donation to Catholic Mission very soon.  This year the focus was on the country of Ghana, where many children do not have access to basic needs.    

 As Pope Francis says:
 “Never think that you have nothing to offer, or that nobody needs you. Many people need you. Think about it! Each of you, think in your heart: many people need me”

3F recently celebrated Outdoor Classroom Day to celebrate outdoor learning and play. We had a Nature Passport to complete that had some activities to do. The first activity was a maths activity. Mrs Clifton chalked a target with a series of concentric circles on it. We had to throw 3 wet sponges and then add up our 3 scores. In the end, Lewis won the game with a score of 2 bullseyes (100 points each!) and a 75 making his total 275.

We then went on a Nature Safari and found it really interesting recording and classifying different species of plants and animals. We even spotted a mother curlew sitting on her nest (we didn’t disturb her though!)

Next up we lay down and did some cloud gazing to invent some ‘Stories in the sky’. It was really relaxing and fun to watch cloud shapes and make up a collaborative story with our ideas.

Our final activity was to imagine we’d shrunk down to the size of a thumbnail. We then pretended that we were going on a ‘Micro Hike’ as our new sized self. It was both interesting (and challenging) to imagine what the world on the ground would look like if we were that small. We recorded our favourite discoveries on our micro hike.

All in all, it was an excellent morning with lots of creative and interesting learning taking place outside of the usual four walls of the classroom.



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